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70% of job searches begin with Google. JobSchema harnesses the power of Google to display your job ads in the front of the right candidates. This is done automatically by adding job posting schema markup to your job posting. Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google for Job Search results.

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Note: Region, City, Street Address and Postal Code are optional for telecommute, but you must specify at least one country from which applicants are eligible to work.
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To edit your job ads, please enter the same email that you've used to place your order. You'll then receive a message where you'll be able to update or delete your job ads.


JobSchema is a technology company specialised in the development and implementation of recruiting solutions.

Increased visibility to your jobs: JobSchema feeds your jobs directly into the Google jobs index by actively keeping up with the latest job schema markup, and refreshing our structured data content as often as new data elements are released. This means millions of job seekers will have an easier time finding your jobs when they start a search on Google.

Better candidates: Google is the single largest starting point for candidates beginning their job search. That means your jobs will be shown to the largest possible pool of job seekers who haven’t already bounced through multiple job boards.

Please read the guidelines carefully and strictly follow them to speed up the indexing of your job ad by Google, which in general only takes about an hour.

Job Title:

Best practices:

This property should be the title of the job only.
Don't include job codes, addresses, dates, salaries, or company names in the title property.

Not recommended: Apply now for IT job -FRENCH speaker in Bucharest
Recommended: Market Specialist, French speaker

Provide concise, readable titles.
Don't overuse special characters such as "!" and "*". Abusing special characters might cause your structured data to be considered as Spammy Structured Markup. Numbers and characters such as "/" and "-" are acceptable.

Not recommended: *** WAREHOUSE HIRING NOW!! ON A BUS ROUTE!! ***
Recommended: Shipping and Receiving Warehouse Associate

URL to Apply: The URL where candidates can apply for the job.

Job Description: The description should be a complete representation of the job, including job responsibilities, qualifications, skills, working hours, education requirements, and experience requirements. The description can't be the same as the title.

Employment Type: The type of employment. This can be Full time, part time, contract, etc. You can include more than one Employment Type property e.g. Full-time and Contractor.

Hiring Organization: The organization offering the job position. This should be the name of the company (for example, "Starbucks, Inc"), and not the specific location that is hiring (for example, "Starbucks on Main Street").

Hiring Organization URL: The main URL of the organization's page e.g.

Hiring Organization Logo: A logo that is representative of the organization.

Job Location (where the job is based):

Workplace: The physical location(s) of the business where the employee will report to work (such as an office or worksite).

Telecommute: Jobs marked as Telecommute must be fully remote. Don't mark up jobs that allow occasional work-from-home, jobs for which remote work is a negotiable benefit, or have other arrangements that are not 100% remote.

Region, City, Street Address and Postal Code are optional for telecommute, but you must specify at least one country from which applicants are eligible to work.

Country: The country to which you belong / where your office is. Please contact us if your country is not listed.

Region: The region where your office is.

City: The city where your office is.

Street Address: This is your office street address.

Postal Code: The postal code of your work place.

Salary (or min. salary): Basic salary you are offering.

Max. Salary: Max salary can be used to specify a salary range.

Currency: The salary in currency.

Salary per: The salary you are offering per hour or week etc.

Skills: You can add up to five skills separated by a comma e.g. html,frontend developer,api,vanilla javascript,css.

Closing Date: The date your job is going to expire. Maximum job length is 60 days.

The default currency and price for 1 Job Ad is £49 Pound Sterling (Incl. VAT), which will automatically be converted to your local currency at checkout. Your job ad will be live for a maximum of 60 days.

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